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At Synergy Lifestyle Medicine, we believe that the power of healing is within you! We believe that conventional, alternative, and natural therapies have merit in healing cancer and chronic disease states. We strive to bridge the gap between these comprehensive forms of medicine to bring the best treatments available to our patients.

Our physician is trained and certified in pathology and Functional Medicine, an evolved perspective of medicine that better suits the medical needs of the 21st century. We are composed of a cellular network that operates using a complex array of molecules. Our bodies are one big biochemical reaction that when operating normally keep us healthy. When this system is disturbed by environmental toxins, genetic mutations, or an imbalance of essential molecules like vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants chronic disease or illness can occur. As a result, to effectively treat a disease, it's crucial to attempt to understand the pathway in which the disease developed. By understanding the pathway of disease development, we can better target the underlying cause of the disease to increase the chance of its elimination and prevention of recurrence.

At Synergy Lifestyle Medicine we use specialty lab tests that allow us to provide individualized treatment including the interpretation of genetic markers to help guide optimal treatment for cancer, chronic disease states, and disease prevention. At Synergy Lifestyle Medicine, our goal is to partner with you to make informed decisions about your health and medical diagnosis. Our mission is promote quality of life and increased longevity. Our purpose is to provide compassionate care while offering combined therapies of conventional and alternative medicine. Our plan is to provide experience, guidance, education, and support through your entire treatment protocol.

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As Seen on ABC 15

    Maggie Gama, M.D

    Dr. Maggie Gama is certified in Functional Medicine. Her residency training is in anatomical and clinical pathology as well as internal medicine. Her training also includes two post residency fellowships in surgical pathology as well as hematopathology.

    She practiced pathology for over 10 years specializing in the diagnosis of leukemia and lymphoma. Most recently, she has experience in integrative Natural and Holistic Cancer Therapies. Her pursuit in the field of Functional Medicine began in the journey to learn more and heal herself and family members afflicted with autoimmune disorders. Her pathology background and training is important as cutting-edge lab testing is often implemented to uncover the root cause of disease.

    Her training in clinical pathology gives her an advantage in interpreting these often complex lab results. Also, having a greater understanding of the nature and biology of cancers, including genomic attributes has given her an edge when treating patients that wish to take a more holistic approach to healing.

    Dr. Gama’s greatest passion is in disease prevention. Many of today’s chronic diseases are associated with poor lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, and various infectious diseases that can wreak havoc on our bodies even years later.

    She seeks to create hope for those suffering from chronic disease, including cancer, and to promote wellness, health, and healing through non-toxic, natural treatments in the form of IV therapies, alternative healing, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

    Dr. Gama founded Synergy Lifestyle Medicine to reflect values of unparalleled comprehensive and personalized patient care that focuses on understanding and addressing each patient’s unique healthcare needs. She believes that wellness is the result of a synergy between the mind, body, and spirit, which can only be established through genuine, compassionate, and unbreakable bonds established through compassionate care and genuine patient partnership.


    Michele Wallace has been a Registered Nurse for over 13 years. She has been working specifically in Integrative Natural and Holistic Cancer Therapies and patient care services for 10 years. Her inspiration to focus her career on Integrative Natural and Holistic Cancer Therapies came as she determined through hospital experience, that traditional medicine models were not providing care as effectively and comprehensively as possible with the resources available. Michele describes that the Integrative Medicine model gave her an entirely new perspective on medicine and that the field gives her a great sense of fulfillment and accomplishment knowing that patients are receiving the best, most comprehensive care where the root cause of disease is at the center of disease management. Michele has three beautiful daughters; Chelsea, 21, Hannah, 25, and Lauren 27. She is currently pursuing her Family Nurse Practitioner graduate degree. Her goal is to be a part of growing movement to change the way we look at health and disease. She wants to help educate people about health and disease, what it takes to earn health, and why disease occurs. Michele joined Synergy Lifestyle Medicine because she believes that health care is more than just a pill. She believes that healthcare is a journey that encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being that can only be accomplished through unique and compassionate bonds with each and every patient.