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We believe that incorporating a holistic cancer treatment approach with functional medicine allows people to fully heal and understand why the cancer is causing issues and how to prevent it from reoccurring. Understanding these integrative methods to treat and prevent cancer will bring awareness and healing to our nation which is long overdue. Learn more by reading our frequently asked questions about integrative cancer treatment below.

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What is the typical time frame of treatment for a diagnosis of cancer?

What’s important to remember is that it likely took several months to years to develop cancer. So the time frame will vary depending on the type of cancer and staging (or how extensive) at the time of treatment and also how slow growing (or indolent) and/or how fast growing (or aggressive) the tumor is. Please call or fill out our contact form to speak with our physician to discuss your condition and get a better understanding of the treatment time frame.

How will I know if the treatments are working?

Labs will be drawn weekly during treatment including tumor specific markers. Progress will be determined by clinical findings ie, overt tumor shrinkage and a downward trend in tumor markers from original labs.

How long will a patient with cancer need to undergo low-dose insulin potentiated chemotherapy (IPT) treatments?

Again the time frame for this type of treatment will vary based on each individual patient. However, the recommended times per week is generally once or twice a week. There will be ongoing evaluation with lab tests and physical exam to monitor response to treatment.

If a patient has already received conventional treatment (surgery, radiation and conventional chemotherapy) for cancer can they still receive treatments at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine?

Yes, the treatment plan is individualized for each patient focusing on a functional medicine approach to treatment. That is attempting to uncover the root cause for disease. Since 70-80% of our immune system is in our gut a comprehensive exam will be performed to exclude gut dysfunction and if present attempts to repair and restore the gut to optimal functioning which will ultimately lead to enhance immune function and ability to effectively fight cancer. Additionally, other specialized lab tests may be performed including testing for toxic heavy metals and other environmental toxicities, underlying infections and chronic inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, increased (oxidative) stress and other lifestyle choices leading to chronic inflammation. Testing for some of these will include specialized lab testing and analysis.

Does insurance cover these treatments?

While these treatments have been available for some time, they still represent an emerging or non-conventional area of medicine. Therefore, insurance coverage for these procedures are generally not accepted by most insurance carriers. However, some medications, labs and treatments are partially reimbursed and can be submitted for consideration of partial reimbursement.
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