Integrative Medicine for Cancer- Discover Why People Across The World To See Dr. Maggie Gama
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Our Approach to Integrative Medicine for Cancer in Arizona

Integrative Cancer Treatment

Synergy Lifestyle Medicine in Arizona takes a holistic and compassionate approach to cancer treatment, for patients who have already been diagnosed and those who are looking for cancer-prevention solutions. We understand how malicious this disease is, but with the right kind of customized treatment, we can boost your quality of life and promote longevity.

Our goal is to find the root cause of cancer in the body in order to recommend and deliver specific treatments that elicit pain relief and mental clarity. Treatments that address mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual needs are known as integrative medicine.

Click on any of the following to dive further into our approach to integrative medicine for cancer:

Cancer Care

Have you been diagnosed with cancer?

Not responding well to clinical treatments? We feel for you. Not only do we want to hear your story, but we also want to offer alternatives to those harsh treatments and to try to improve your prognosis.

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Early Cancer Prevention

We also provide early cancer-prevention therapies to those who are worried about or at risk for cancer. This type of care also involves sitting down with you and really digging into your health profile and lifestyle behaviors. This may include a simple blood test for early cancer screening.

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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine taps into your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Yes, your body is fighting a chronic disease, but there are other lifestyle factors standing in the way of better wellness. Functional medicine involves getting to know your background and current sources of stress, worries, etc. From there, we can deliver medical treatments and lifestyle tips that are highly customized to your situation.

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Cancer in remission? Or have you fought off cancer in the past through the clinical route?

We can provide specialized treatments that will improve your chances of keeping cancer from reemerging. See more on our aftercare services by clicking below.

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