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Natural Cancer Prevention Treatment in Arizona

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection
At Synergy Lifestyle Medicine, we believe in cancer prevention and early detection of cancer. In addition to treating patients who are already battling cancer, we also provide tests and help patients make lifestyle changes that help them avoid cancer.

Did you know that some cancer cells can be detected early, even before symptoms appear? A simple blood test, which detects proteins and/or other substances, makes earlier detection possible.

One of these tests is the Oncoblot test, which can detect the ENOX2 protein found on cancerous cells. It can detect cells that are often too small to be seen via MRI or other imaging. We also use other tests that can predict an environment suitable for cancer growth.

Haven’t been diagnosed with cancer? If you’re worried that you are at risk for cancer or may already have it, come to Synergy Lifestyle Medicine in Mesa, Arizona for professional cancer screening, as well as natural cancer-prevention treatments.

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How We Treat the Underlying Cause of Cancer

Our Approach
Some inheritable cancers may be averted by better lifestyle choices. For example, obesity has become a leading cause of cancer in the United States.

Until we understand how various biologic and lifestyle factors succeed in triggering or preventing tumor development, our ability to prevent new cancers (which is far more effective than trying to cure them after they have been diagnosed) will be limited.

What we do know is that clearly there are conditions that can ultimately lead to cancer. Such conditions include:

  • Lifestyle conditions
  • Dietary factors
  • Chronic infection etiologies
  • Bacterial, viral and other medical conditions

If we can help you make better lifestyle choices, detect these inciting agents early, reverse them and “fix” your broken biochemistry, then you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding many cancers.

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Natural Cancer Prevention FAQs

Natural Cancer Prevention FAQs

Learn more about the prevalence of cancer and how we help prevent cancer in patients by reading through our answers to the following frequently asked questions:

If You’re Looking for Natural Cancer Prevention Solutions in Your Fight Against Cancer:

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Why do so many people have cancer?

The CDC estimates that by 2020, at least 2 million Americans per year will be diagnosed with cancer. Some studies estimate that up to 50 percent of men (and 35 percent of women) will develop cancer at some stage in their lives. Why is cancer becoming more prevalent?

Possible reasons for the explosion in cancer diagnoses include:

  • Poor diet and obesity.
  • Drinking, smoking and substance use.
  • Job and relationship stress.
  • More jobs that involve sitting all day.
  • Pollutants outside, at the job or possibly in the home.
  • Pesticides, chemicals and additives in our food.
  • Inadequate use of sunblock, leading to melanoma.
  • Cellphone use and other radiation exposure.
  • Unprotected sex.
  • People are living longer due to modern medicine. More than 75 percent of cancer diagnoses occur in people 55 years and older.

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Which diseases potentially lead to cancer?

Viruses and diseases that raise the risk of cancer include:

  • Viruses typically transmitted through sexual activity
    • HPV
    • HIV
    • Hepatitis B and C
    • Epstein-Barr virus (a type of herpes virus)
    • Human herpes virus 8 (HHV-8)
    • Human T-lymphotrophic virus-1 (similar to HIV, but does not lead to AIDS)
  • Merkel cell polyomavirus (a skin cancer usually found in children)
  • Periodontitis (gum disease)
  • Lung disease
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Spleen disease
  • Diabetes
  • Alcoholism
  • Sickle cell disease/anemia

What nutrition and lifestyle changes should I make to prevent cancer?

There’s a reason why we spend 2 to 3 hours with you when you’re a new patient at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine. We get to know your diet, work situation, home situation, health history, level of activity, sources of stress and worry, and many other aspects of your life.

The reason why we do this is so we can know if there are areas of your life putting you at greater risk for cancer (see the “Why do so many people have cancer?” list above). A few tests also help make a determination, biologically, if you’re at risk for cancer. From there, we can deliver targeted treatments and make recommendations that will decrease your cancer risk level.

For example, there might be changes you can make in the household to decrease your level of stress. And perhaps a different role at work would benefit your health, or maybe a job change is in order. We will also recommend ways to get more exercise and be more active from week to week.

As far as diet, we need to evaluate your intake of alcohol, processed snacks, processed meats, fast food, items packaged in plastic, and other foods and beverages that could be harming your health. You will probably need to start consuming more fruit, leafy greens, nuts, omega-3-rich fish, eggs, tea and healthy oil. Our recommendations will be more specific once we get to know you better.

Our Cancer Care page covers nutrition tips in greater detail.

Cancer Prevention Treatment Is Key to Keeping Previous Cancer from Coming Back

Adopt A Cancer-Prevention Lifestyle

Cancer can go into remission, and if that’s the case, we encourage patients in this situation to maintain a cancer-prevention mindset. Whether you’ve had cancer before or never had it, the steps you’re going to take to keep it from popping up are similar. The only difference is people who have had cancer before are going to have to be more vigilant about sticking to their nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Unless you’re currently battling an active cancer (and we can help with that), we encourage everyone to adopt a cancer-prevention lifestyle. It’s one of the things we are most passionate about at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine. Talk with one of our experts if you would like to know more about what that entails.

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