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Dr. Gama of Synergy Lifestyle Medicine in Mesa Interviewed by ABC 15

Dr. Gama of Synergy Lifestyle Medicine in Mesa Interviewed by ABC 15

Synergy Lifestyle Medicine is a leading functional medicine clinic in Mesa, Arizona. Led by Dr. Maggie Gama M.D., we specialize in integrating conventional, alternative, and natural therapies to help combat or cure a variety of chronic illnesses and health conditions, all while prioritizing patient comfort. Thanks to our history of patient satisfaction and method effectiveness, Synergy Lifestyle Medicine has grown in popularity, so much so that ABC 15 Arizona sat down with Dr. Gama in a recent interview to discuss why her clinic is different from any other.

Synergy Lifestyle Medicine Offers Personalized, Quality One-On-One Doctor-Patient Care

The interviewer, Ms. Teri, began the discussion by pointing out how much time patients get to spend with Dr. Gama. No one is every rushed in and out. Many of our patients actually spend a few hours with Dr. Gama, especially during initial appointments, so she knows about their condition, history, and goals. Truly listening to patients and spending quality time getting to understand their conditions is an integral part of the clinic’s unique approach to patient care.

Functional Medicine That Includes Complementary and Alternative Treatment Options

Dr. Gama is an anatomical and clinical pathologist, a specialist who studies the diagnosis and underlying mechanisms of disease. She is also trained in functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine as well nutritional and metabolic medicine through the American Academy of Anti – Aging Medicine. Part of her training and professional education focused on interpreting lab results to look for patterns and links between symptoms and causes. At Synergy Lifestyle Medicine, she still works with specialized labs at her clinic to gain incredible insight, which then allows Dr. Gama to formulate personalized and detailed treatment plans. These specialty labs are different and more specific than routine labs that most people are used to getting through hospitals and their primary care practitioners.

Holistic and Natural Treatments for Cancer and Chronic Conditions

Most of Dr. Gama’s patients suffer from cancer, autoimmune disorders, or other chronic conditions. They have been bounced around from doctor to doctor, all to no avail. At her clinic, they are happy to find new answers and possibilities. She starts by focusing on the intestinal tract due to its intricate connection to the body’s immune system, which can let her discover better, long-term solutions as opposed to band-aid fixes that only work in the short term. A natural approach to healing and restoration is a key focus of her clinic.

Finding Alternative Treatments for Serious Illnesses

As Teri noted, the clinic thinks outside-the-box to find treatments for serious illnesses while still maintaining the highest standards of patient care. As part of her unique approach, Dr. Gama encourages prevention of disease through education and healthy lifestyle choices. She readily shares her knowledge with patients and others to help them prevent the development of many health problems by teaching them to take control of their wellbeing and guiding them through the process. She firmly believes that people can get back to great health after being diagnosed with a severe or chronic illness at her clinic.

From all of us at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine, we want to thank ABC 15 for conducting the interview with Dr. Gama and showcasing it on their news program.

Have you bounced around from doctor to doctor, and have not successfully found the root problems of your chronic illness? Interested in seeing if our clinic in Mesa can help you overcome a serious illness or health condition? Contact us online or call (480) 868-7420 to request an appointment today.