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What Are the Benefits of Holistic and Natural Cancer Treatment?

“Upwards of 54% of people with cancer choose alternative therapies. In general, using complementary and alternative medicine in conjunction with standard medical care can yield positive results.”

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): What Are Alternative and Natural Treatments for Cancer?

What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

Complementary and alternative medicine, also known as “CAM,” is simply the name given to medical products and treatment practices that fall outside the umbrella of “standard medical care.”

What is Standard Medical Care?

Western Medicine, biomedicine, mainstream medicine, allopathic, orthodox, or regular medicine are all phrases that are used to describe standard medical care. This is the standard of care that health professionals such as M.D.s (Medical Doctors) practice, just like your general physician.

What is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine is the practice of utilizing treatments and therapies outside of the practices used in standard medical care, as a replacement for standard care practices. An example of this would be using a form of a diet and supplements to treat cancer instead of chemo therapy, radiation and other standard care practices.

What is Complementary Medicine?

Complementary medicine is when you alternative medicine treatments in conjunction with standard care medicine. An example of this would be to using a form of diet and supplements to treat cancer, as well as chemo therapy, radiation and other standard care practices.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine takes complementary medicine to the next level, creating a total approach to medical care. Integrative medicine will utilize standard medicine, complementary medicine, and alternative medicines that are proven safe and effective.

Using a holistic approach, integrative medicine focuses on mind, body, and spiritual care, and can utilize both standard care treatments as well as treatments outside of standard care, if a patient chooses so.

Benefits of Holistic Cancer Treatment using CAM

The biggest benefit to using complementary and integrative medicine to treat cancer is the fact that you have more options available to you. You are able to utilize all of the standard care treatments like radiation and chemo therapy to treat cancer, but are open to also utilize proven safe and effective cancer treatments that are not utilized with standard care as well.

When utilizing only standard care practices for cancer treatment, your oncologist may suggest that you don’t attempt any outside treatment types. This leads to some believing that they only have 2 choices: either treat your cancer with radiation, chemo therapy, and other “mainstream” forms of treatment, or use alternative treatments – but you can’t use both.

With CAM and Integrative Cancer Treatment Care, you do have a choice, and can choose to use the best of both forms of treatment – alternative treatments and standard care treatments.

“The freedom to choose the cancer treatment care of your choice is a wonderful gift that has allowed many to be more integrated in their own care.”

How Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers Offer Holistic Cancer Care

Treating cancer is not just about attacking the cells in your body that are growing malignantly; cancer treatment is about treating the whole person. The main goal of cancer treatment is to attack the health and integrity of malignant cells, while maintaining the health and integrity of the rest of your body, organs and systems. This means that holistic cancer treatment providers need to balance more aggressive cancer treatments with dietary needs, immune system support, and your psychological and spiritual needs.

Holistic cancer treatment is intended to provide care for all aspects of the person while they are battling the disease. As such, holistic cancer care typically involves (but is not limited to) the following:

  • RN advocacy and support
  • Psychological counseling and therapy
  • Your Cancer Care Team act as a form of Social worker
  • Your Cancer Care Team act as a form of Nutritionist or dietitian
  • Your Cancer Care Team offers Religious or spiritual support

When you receive holistic cancer treatment, you ensure all aspects of your health and well-being are considered while you and your doctors work to fight your cancer. By connecting you with practitioners of medical, nutritional, psychological, and spiritual health, holistic care gives you access to professionals who are well acquainted with the direct and indirect effects people experience during a bout with serious illness, ensuring you are never alone or without resources.

Alternative Cancer Treatment and Holistic Care in Arizona

Synergy Lifestyle Medicine uses an integrative medicine approach to treating cancer holistically. Utilizing the benefits of alternative cancer treatment in conjunction with standard medical care, we offer a personalized and caring approach to cancer diagnoses that focus on quality of life and longevity.

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