Early Cancer Prevention

At Synergy Lifestyle Medicine, we believe in cancer prevention and early detection of cancer. Some cancer cells can be detected early even before symptoms appear. A simple blood test, which detects proteins and/or other substances can make earlier detection possible. One of these tests is the Oncoblot test which can detect the ENOX2 protein found on cancerous cells. It can detect cells that are often too small to be detected on an MRI or other imaging. There are other tests that can predict an environment suitable for cancer growth.

Inheritable Cancers

Additionally, some inheritable cancers may also be averted by better lifestyle choices. For example, obesity has become a leading cause of cancer in the United States. Until we understand how various biologic and lifestyle factors succeed in triggering or preventing tumor development, our ability to prevent new cancers (which is far more effective than trying to cure them after they have been diagnosed) will be limited. What we do know is that clearly there are various lifestyle and dietary factors, chronic infectious etiologies, both bacterial and viral and other medical conditions that can ultimately lead to cancers. If we can make better lifestyle choices and detect these inciting agents early on and reverse these and “fix” our broken biochemistry, then we have a much better chance at preventing many cancers.

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