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Synergy Lifestyle Medicine and the renowned Dr. Maggie Gama are passionate about patients and providing them with all treatment options. Appointments at our center are unlike anything you experienced before.

Your patient appointments are intricate, detailed, personal and a custom treatment plan will take into consideration several data points. Dr. Maggie Gama patients include those that reside in Arizona and also patients that fly in from across the world to see her.

Our patients, are people just like you… wanting to discover facts, desiring a doctor they can trust in providing all options, not just the ones insurance companies dictate, but all options.  So if you are looking for a doctor that understands your needs intricately, desire a second opinion or simply seeking renowned elevated patient alternative treatment options.. we are here. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with real solutions to address root cause and eliminate disease, not just manage it.

Whether it’s chronic disease, functional medicine or cancer, we go deep into patient’s genetic makeup and other specifics about the tumor or chronic disease to form a targeted strategy using evidence-based complementary medicine.

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Maggie Gama and open your world to facts with a qualified alternative cancer treatment, chronic disease, functional medicine treatment scheduling coordinator by contacting Synergy Lifestyle Medicine using the form to the right.

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