What Are the Benefits of Holistic and Natural Cancer Treatment?

Benefits of Holistic Cancer Treatment

When most people hear “cancer treatment,” they tend to think of chemotherapy and radiation. However, there is much more to cancer care than merely ridding the body of sickness. Holistic cancer treatment is intended to provide care for all aspects of the person while they are battling the disease. As such, holistic cancer care typically involves (but is not limited to) the following:

  • RN advocacy and support
  • Psychological counseling and therapy
  • Social worker
  • Nutritionist or dietitian
  • Religious or spiritual support

When you receive holistic cancer treatment, you ensure all aspects of your health and well-being are considered while you and your doctors work to fight your cancer. By connecting you with practitioners of medical, nutritional, psychological, and spiritual health, holistic care gives you access to professionals who are well acquainted with the direct and indirect effects people experience during a bout with serious illness, ensuring you are never alone or without resources.

Benefits of Natural Cancer Treatment

Many people who battle cancer suffer greatly while undergoing standard chemical treatments and experience a significant reduction in their quality of life. Natural cancer treatments, which typically combine traditional medicine and natural remedies, are intended to help treat related problems or hidden causes of cancer while improving the body’s overall health and preserving your quality of life as much as possible. Natural cancer treatments seek to strengthen the body’s natural lines of defense and bolster the immune system through a variety of research-based natural remedies.

Natural cancer treatment also helps you hang on to your health as much as possible while you are undergoing treatment. By pairing natural treatments with low-dose chemotherapy or other traditional methods of fighting cancer, it may boost your body’s immune system and ensure your physical health does not deteriorate unnecessarily while you are being treated.

Compassionate, Patient-Centered Cancer Care in Mesa, Arizona

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is scary. However, our team of compassionate, cancer care specialists at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine is here to provide you with the support you need to get through it. We are experienced in a variety of alternative cancer treatment methods, including supplements, IV therapies, lymphatic drainage, and more, and know what it takes to help you heal and bolster your body’s natural defenses against cancer.

For more information on the services we offer and the alternative cancer treatments we offer in Mesa, AZ, please call us at (480) 725-3887 today.


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