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Treatments & IV Therapies

Today IV therapies can be used to help patient maximize their health and recovery time.  At Synergy Lifestyle Medicine, we provide Cellular Boost Recovery IV Infusion treatments that are customized to the patients cancer treatment. These cancer treatment IV therapies can be used at all stages of cancer, which includes Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 Cancer Treatment.

Some patients use this as an alternative to cancer treatment, while others use this method in conjunction to other treatments they may be on. Dr. Maggie Gama and her team of professionals at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine can help guide you towards the best complimenting therapies. The entire process is scientifically reviewed by the cancer treatment team at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine so that the formulas are optimized for the exact needs of the cancer patient.  Thereby giving cancer patients energy, boosting healing and health of cells.

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For those who are focused on accelerating performance, Synergy Lifestyle Medicine provides the Mega Athlete IV Infusion treatment. This is a very customized formula based on the clients individual blood test results and report of findings and completely designed to provide the proper levels of nutrients to the body. The entire process is scientifically reviewed by the team at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine so that the formulas best suited for the athlete are to the exact needs of the client. Clients at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine include professional athletes to those seeking to compete at professional levels.

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For those clients seeking to infuse their cells with micro-nutrients and vitamins that feed the body optimum health and vitality to skin, Synergy Lifestyle Medicine offers the Mega Glow IV Infusion Treatment. This IV Infusion treatment is a specially formulated based on clients blood work and report of findings. The doctor and team at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine review this vital data with you and then formulate a treatment plan that is an exact match to the needs your body craves for to achieve ultimate vitality.

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Super Immunity IV Infusion Treatment at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine is the ultimate infused therapy for those seeking to optimize their immune system to both prevent and also to overcome autoimmune deficiencies.  The Super Immunity IV Infusion therapies are all customized formulas, specific to the clients individual needs. Blood work and report of findings are determined to ensure you attain the exact science of need to your body’s call for defense and prevention.

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Integrative Cancer Therapies for Healing and Prevention

Holistic Cancer Treatments

If you’re battling cancer or another chronic disease and you’re looking for relief and a higher quality of life, Synergy Lifestyle Medicine can offer highly customized, cutting-edge treatments where traditional protocols have failed.

We feel that there is a better way to fight cancer and chronic diseases than resorting to so many harsh treatments.

The types of integrative cancer therapies we offer in Arizona for better holistic health include:

Supplements and Vitamins

What’s easier than taking a few vitamins and supplements for a quick boost to your mood and energy levels?

At Synergy Lifestyle Medicine, we administer vitamins and supplements orally and intravenously to patients to treat their specific health symptoms. And, as you might have guessed, this is all acutely customized to the patient’s unique situation.

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Advanced Holistic Cancer Treatment, IV Therapies and Functional Medicine

There are a ton of misconceptions about what holistic treatment means. It’s not a specific type of treatment, nor does it only have to do with homeopathic therapies, as some have been led to believe. Holistic healing is more of a mindset, and it guides everything we do at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine.

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Specialty Treatments

From Colon Hydrotherapy to Acupuncture to Low-Dose Chemotherapy, our versatile staff offers a number of specialty treatments to improve your quality of life. All treatments that we deliver are based on what your body is telling us. Click on “Learn More” to discover the full lineup of specialty treatments we offer at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine.

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