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Holistic Cancer and Chronic Disease Treatments

At Synergy Lifestyle Medicine, we strongly believe that the body was made to heal itself.
A diagnosis of cancer is scary, and chronic disease can be debilitating, but finding an alternative way of healing can be life-changing.

When conventional medicine fails, a dose of alternative medicine offers many people rejuvenated hope and improved quality of life.

Holistic treatment for chronic disease addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and can sometimes do what traditional remedies cannot. The independent parts of the whole person are inextricably connected. When the body breaks down, the mind and soul are affected, and vice versa.

When patients learn to listen and respond to the body’s needs, internal healing mechanisms activate. The results are preservation, immunity and natural restoration. Adopting a new lifestyle can make all the difference.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

– George Bernard Shaw

Holistic Treatment for Chronic Disease FAQ

What Holistic Therapies Do You Offer?

Vitamin Therapy

Based on lab reports, we customize a vitamin regimen for each individual’s requirements. Offering both oral and intravenous vitamin supplements, we work to restore a proper balance and correct depletions.


Hundreds of clinical studies tout acupuncture’s success in treating all kinds of disease and illness. While restoring a harmony of energy, acupuncture helps induce natural healing.
Acupuncture is widely recognized as an evidential treatment for illness, chronic pain and more.

Which Holistic Treatments Do You Recommend to Patients?

Sometimes, the little things that make us feel good are the best remedy for us. Relaxing with pleasant aromas fosters a peaceful state of mind. Exercising, getting a massage and engaging in meditation grounds us using the five senses, while learning better nutritional habits promotes physical healing.

Common recommendations for holistic therapies include:

  • Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Massage

Remarkably, assessing one’s lifestyle and altering it where necessary can prevent or delay the onset of cancer. There is hope for beating cancer, especially when you optimize your health with prevention and early detection.

Why an Integrated Approach Is Vital

Conventional medicine, like what your primary care physician relies upon, has brought important scientific advances. In fact, we use modern advances for examining bloodwork, relying on laboratory reports and using evidenced-based medical tools.

Though ongoing medical research and emergency room practices are unparalleled, Western medicine often produces minimal results when it comes to long-term illnesses. To bridge the gaps in conventional wisdom, people are turning to functional medicine.

Functional medicine enhances the functioning of the body and the organs. Our team uses holistic cancer treatments to stimulate powerful internal changes and bring about wholesale health improvement.

At Synergy Lifestyle Medicine, we are adept at integrating the best of both medical models.

We are passionate about educating and guiding patients to tap into their innate healing resources.

We champion all helpful, time-tested approaches to help individuals heal, inside and out.

How Holistic Therapies Work with Conventional Medicine

We know that an integration of conventional, natural and holistic medicine – customized to the individual – results in greater well-being.

Our medical professionals work in tandem with your current medical team, offering holistic therapies as an adjunct. As a supplement to your current medical treatment, we offer alternative services you just can’t get in a typical MD or hospital setting.

In mainstream medical practices, you go to the doctor for back pain, for example, and you walk out with a prescription. Practicing alternative medicine, Dr. Maggie Gama dedicates more time to our patients to determine the possible cause of the pain – and real solutions, not merely addressing the symptoms the back displays to get our attention.

Phagocytes, Cilia and Killer White Blood Cells

Without delving too deeply into the technical science of the reasons propelling our alternative therapies, we do want you to know the motivation behind our philosophies.

When chemicals and pollutants penetrate human skin or are ingested, biological reactions occur. The body tries to compensate for foreign bodies in many ways.

Over time, when ongoing foreign attacks occur, our natural-born guardians become affected in these ways:

  • White blood cells become elevated.
  • Cilia (protective hair-like structures) are compromised.
  • Phagocytes (cells that devour detriments) are damaged.

These natural defenders can’t properly do their jobs when overloaded, and the result is damage to the whole person.

Only by pinpointing the cause of the invaders and changing one’s lifestyle can we shore up our defenses and unleash our natural healing powers.

Why Must Cancer Patients Be Dedicated to Their Healing Journey?

The road to fighting cancer – or any chronic disease – is fraught with challenges and sometimes setbacks. Without a dedicated spirit and an open mind, progress gets stifled.

Being touched by cancer does not leave people unchanged. However, with a positive attitude, family support and the fortitude to seek help and persevere, you can accomplish so much more.

To attain remission and recovery, patients must have a positive, tenacious attitude. A strong spirit is of great impact. We have scarcely seen a lack of improvement when someone commits themselves wholly to the process.

We treat those dealing with cancer using the best of functional medicine. We are an accredited holistic cancer treatment center, and we’re here for you and your loved ones. Our compassionate staff is ready to guide you, educate you and provide the necessary arsenal to fight this insidious disease.

You probably feel clouded with questions and maybe fears about what to do next. Our exclusive approach to cancer treatment can ease your burden.

You already know how important it is to handle your disease head-on and immediately. Call us today and schedule your initial appointment.

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