Low-Dose Insulin Potentiated Fractionated Chemotherapy (IPT)

Mesa Functional Medicine Cancer Treatment

Insulin-potentiated fractionated low-dose chemotherapy (IPT) is a holistic and less toxic protocol for the treatment of many types of cancer. Typically, the traditional treatment of cancer calls for heavy doses of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and risky surgery which can have a devastating effect on the entire body and mind. Our therapies at Synergy Lifestyle Medicine focus on safer and more natural treatments for cancer and restoring the body’s normal equilibrium.

How Does IPT Work?

It is based upon the hypothesis that insulin may be used to “potentiate” or enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs, allowing IPT practitioners to administer as little as a one-tenth of the amount of chemotherapy drugs used in conventional treatment.

Cancer cells have many more insulin and GLUT-1 receptors than healthy cells, which helps them absorb glucose from the bloodstream. Glucose powers cancer cells, but often cancer cells cannot efficiently process glucose. Cancer cells starve surrounding cells by stealing glucose from them, which leads to significant weight loss in the patient. Because insulin is so critical for cancer cells, it also serves as a way to target glucose-hungry cells with chemotherapy.

Insulin, when mixed with chemotherapeutic drugs, can increase the effectiveness of the treatment exponentially. This allows doctors to treat cancer with 10% to 25% of the normal dose of chemotherapy agents. Because lower doses of chemotherapy are used, there are less overall side effects reported than in standard conventional doses.

Insulin also helps to make cancerous cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy. Insulin stimulates cell growth and reproduction, which occurs when cells divide. Cancer cells are the most susceptible to chemotherapy agents when they are dividing. IPT stimulates cells to divide and absorb far more chemotherapeutic treatment than they would without division.

Insulin also helps facilitates the detoxification that is necessary when treating cancer. In addition to making it easier for glucose and chemotherapy drugs to enter cells, it also encourages toxins and debris from dying tumor cells to be flushed from the body.

Learn More from Synergy Lifestyle Medicine

If you are seeking a gentler treatment for your cancer, IPT may be part of the solution. Patients undergoing IPT often do not experience the hair loss, extreme nausea, or organ damage that is associated with undergoing chemotherapy. In addition to IPT, our functional medicine doctor also offers a number of complementary therapies to help strengthen your immune system.

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